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Brilliant Candlelight creations are individually hand poured in antique/vintage crystal/glass bowls that are elegant works of art. A special custom blend of wax with all natural essential oils add a subtle scent and give the candle a natural color. Whether gracing a table, adding refinement to a room, celebrating a tradition, marking a special occasion…the beauty and elegance of Brilliant Candlelight will light up your life!


Each container is one of a kind, given its hand cut design. The sparkle of the cut crystal paired with the reflection of the soft light of the burning candle flame inspires an ambiance of tranquility, comfort, romance or mystery. Each unique piece has a joyous history of its own and has previously been valued and appreciated. It may have small imperfections in accordance with its past. Embrace the beauty …

"Honor the Past While Igniting the Light of a Bright Future"