Welcome to Brilliant Candlelight.

Thank you for your interest in my exquisite candles. Each container is chosen for its individual beauty and grace. Being of Eastern European heritage, growing up I was fortunate to be surrounded by the elegance of cut crystal gifted to my mother and aunts from relatives visiting from then Yugoslavia. China cabinets overflowed with the brilliant sparkle of hand cut crystal … sets of goblets, bowls, baskets, lidded dishes. Gorgeous! Tables were a spectacular sight, as pieces were used and their beauty celebrated. I have always cherished what has been handed down to me. I have now found a way to honor this exquisite crystal and repurpose it to fit todays world by combining it with my passion for unique and beautiful candles. Each candle is hand poured with love and appreciation, and instilled with hope for life's celebration.

May you light a creation of Brilliant Candlelight in good health…and feel the passion!

- Shelly Rigisich ( Chandler )

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